Historic Corvairs

Dave Stroud, Ottawa, Canada, Christavia MK 1

First Year Flown on Corvair Power: 2001
Total Amount of Hours on Corvair Power: 28
N-number: C-FDWS
Builder of Aircraft and Engine: Dave Stroud, 103 Benlea Dr., Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K2G 4A3, davestroud@rogers.com
Year Aircraft was Built: 1998
Type of Conversion: Wynne/Self with rear starter, no blower fan
Engine Year: 1965
Engine Displacement: 164cid
Propeller Make and Diameter: 3-blade Warp Drive 70"
Cruise Speed: 100mph
Static RPM: 3,100rpm
Note: Dave Stroud was the first guy to fly a Rinker gearbox in a long time. Dave wanted to see if he could better the performance of his belt reduction Subaru EA-81. He reported a substantial improvement with the Corvair. The installation was actually slightly lighter, in spite of the Rinker gearbox's cast iron construction. After a season of flying, Dave was having some gearbox grumbling at the same time he came across an O-235 Lycoming for a great deal. Dave promptly switched his plane to the early model O-235 (100hp), and sold his Corvair firewall forward package to another Christavia builder. Interestingly, and contrary to expectation, the aircraft is actually 10mph slower with its current Lycoming installation.


William Wynne, The Corvair Authority
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