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Corvair Flyers at Sun 'N Fun 2006

If you have a cable modem, you can click this photo to download a 2 minute movie about Phil Maxson's 601XL, including lots of flying. We spent the past week with "The Big Tahuna's" Yellowfin aircraft in the Zenith booth at Sun 'N Fun 2006.

Above is one of the more fun moments of Sun 'N Fun. This shot was taken during Dave and Fran Stroud's annual International Corvair barbecue. Enjoying the Friday night festivities, from left, are: Our Test Pilot, Gus Warren and his girlfriend Tammy, Cleanex builder/pilot Dan Weseman of Florida, myself and my wife Grace Ellen, KR-2S builder/pilot Mark Langford of Alabama, barbecue host Dave Stroud of Canada, BBQ Mixmaster Jourkin of Sweden, Corvair builder Chris Smith of Florida and our video producer Merrill "Skymanta" Isaacson in front.

We barbecued till late into the night, and a good time was had by everyone who attended. We also had a spectacular view of the dazzling night air show.

Mark Langford of Alabama flashes a big smile the day of his arrival at Sun 'N Fun. This was the first major airshow that Mark's flown his airplane to. Among Corvair pilots, he is accumulating time on his airplane faster than anyone else, logging about 40 hours a month. The airplane attracted a lot of attention, and was well received. Mark's 2,700cc engine spins a 54x54 Sensenich prop. Our 601 is in the background.

I gave four forums at the show. They were very well attended, and builders asked many questions. More than 50% of the people had never heard me speak about Corvairs before. A good indication that we're bringing new people into the fold.

Dave The Bear's Wagabond occupied the Number 1 slot in the Auto Engine Homebuilt row. The volunteer staff who park airplanes selected it for this spot.

You can click on the silver plane in the photo above to see an in flight photo of Dan Weseman's Cleanex. Dan finished his engine at Corvair College #8. His 3,100cc engine turns a Sensenich 54x58 prop. It was a very popular attraction among fans of the Sonex design.

"We had a great time at Sun 'N Fun and hope you did too!," Dan wrote. "The flight home went great; it was 152 miles and the total engine run time was 1 hour 4 minutes; it burned 6.2 gallons at 7600 feet; the true airspeed was 168 mph at 3,250rpm (3,460 was WOT). But the ground speed was 198, and on the descent we had 190 IA and 230GS.

"I will foward some in flight photos from the flight down. Thanks for all the help and you and William's frendship."

Grace photographed me in front of our 601. Our airplane got a new polish and paint job before the show. While there, Nick and Roger from the Zenith factory both got a chance to fly it. Both were very pleased. Our 3,100cc is the highest time big bore in the fleet at 110 hours. The Sensenich prop is a 64x43 they made for us just before Sun 'N Fun.

What personally made this the best Sun 'N Fun ever for us was having my mother and father as well as Grace's mother on hand for the first half of the week. Here my father and I are in front of a Grumman F8F Bearcat, a serious piece of hardware from my father's era of Naval aviation. My father entered the U.S. Navy in 1943 and is USNA Class of 1949.

Corvair/Pietenpol pilot Pat Green of Jacksonville, Fla., stops by the Zenith booth, above. Phil's airplane was an easy and popular meeting point for all fans of the Corvair engine.

We also spent some time with Dragonfly/Corvair pilot Chuck Ufkes from Ocala, Fla. Chuck flew in and parked his very pretty Dfly N88CU in Row 5.

The above photo shows Phil Maxson of New Jersey proudly standing by his airplane along with our test pilot Gus. Phil's 601 also was featured on AvWeb.com.

These two photos from the 2006 Sun 'N Fun air regatta illustrate what it's all about: Sharing good times with friends and family who love aviation. Above from left are Mike Whaley from Steen Aero Labs who took the superb in flight photo of Dan Weseman's Cleanex; our test pilot Gus Warren; and our Pietenpol demo pilot for the 2000 Season, Arnold Holmes of Florida, know by the moniker "The Repair" in the industry.

Below, Capt. Bill and Mrs. Mickey Wynne Sr. enjoy good times with Stu Hall (USA Ret.) of Lakeland, Fla. Each year, Stu purchases bottles and bottles of water and freely passes them out to those in need. He's always a bright spot at Sun 'N Fun. He gave my parents and us an extensive flightline tour on a Gator. Stu and my father reminisced about their days at Cam Rahn Bay and Da Nang in 1967.

We're right back at work building parts and engines in the shop, and all backordered Manuals, T-shirts, and videos are now on their way via USPS Priority Mail. We apologize again for the delays the computer crash caused.

Remembering Larry Koutz

Glen Bankston arrivedi at Sun 'N Fun with the terrible news that Larry Koutz had been severely injured in an accident at home in Valdosta, Ga. Almost all of the Corvair people on hand were moved by this somber news because they'd had a chance to meet Larry in person at one of the three Corvair Colleges he attended. He's pictured at right at College #8 in the photo above.

The following day, Glen told us that despite all efforts, Larry had passed away in the hospital at Savannah. He was 56 years old.

Being killed in a simple accident seemed a very ironic end to the life of a very vibrant guy. Larry was a former Air Force F-4 Phantom driver, and had made friends from coast to coast in the world of tandem wing pilots while flying his Q-200 N39LK. He was the kind of guy who stuck out in your memory after you'd just met 60 new people.

When we got back to the hangar last night, I told Kevin the sad news. He was quite moved. We all looked back on all the times Larry had been in the hangar. Years ago when I first met him I was a little surprised because he overtly told me what he didn't like about our Web site and business model, and he had some strong thoughts on the Corvair movement in general. By his second or third visit, we readily learned that this was pure Larry. He wasn't being rude or malicious, he always felt comfortable to speak his mind and he was not the kind of guy to waste time blowing smoke or trying to be charming. Quickly his directness and positive energy won you over.

I urge you to go back and read the few paragraphs about Larry on our Corvair College Web sites.

We'll always remember Larry as fun loving, full of life and willing to extend a helping hand before helping himself. He'll always bring smiles to our faces, as his broken piston ring hangs in tribute in our shop. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family. A kind and generous soul, he will be sorely missed. All who knew him are certainly the better for it.

One thing Grace felt she shared in common with Larry is the lust for life. Who cares how goofy you get as long as you're having a good time. Your doing yourself a favor, as well as for those around you. With optimism in action at every turn, you make your community the better for it. Life goes on, for how long we do not know. When it's over, you'll feel better if you made the most of every moment.

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