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2002 Sun 'N Fun Success

From left, two friends, William Wynne, and crew Gus Warren, Merrill Isaacson and Dave Vargesko with Dave's Corvair conversion in the engine run area at Sun 'N Fun. The Corvair was the first engine to fire up in the workshop area, ran every day and closed the show.

April 2002

I extend a big thank you to everyone who helped with Corvair demonstrations at Sun 'N Fun, especially Terry Bailey, Dave Vargesko, Gus Warren, Merrill Isaacson, Stuart Cirk, Gary Coppen and Mick Myal of Contact! magazine. Mick organizes the engine forums, and has been a loyal supporter of my Corvair Conversion efforts. He spent most of Sun 'N Fun at the Contact! booth. If you didn't get a chance to subscribe there, you can visit the Web site www.ContactMagazine.com.

Dragonfly builder Terry Bailey gave daily tours of the Corvair's intake and exhaust systems. Corvair builders Dave Vargesko, Gus Warren, Merrill Isaacson, Stuart Cirk and Gary Coppen each spent at least two days helping us run Dave's engine on the test stand and answer Corvair conversion questions. They also helped a great deal during Sun 'N Fun preparations.

Monday's forum featured Corvair success stories. Steve Makish flew his KR up from Boca Raton, Fla., and gave a good comparison of flying with a Corvair vs. the Subaru previously on his plane. Bob Lester, a hangar neighbor of Steve's, gave a progress report on converting his KR from Subaru to Corvair power. Mark Langford of Alabama also shared the latest on his conversion progress. And Dave Stroud of Canada told the standing room only crowd what it's like to fly a Corvair-powered Christavia. That night, Dave and Fran also hosted a barbecue at their camp site for engine builders. Many thanks to both of them for a home-cooked meal away from home.

We appreciate all our old friends taking the time to stop by. This is a big part of what draws us to airshows. It was good to meet so many new friends, too. The camaraderie among Corvair builders is valuable to all involved.

Thanks again for making Sun 'N Fun 2002 a resounding success!

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