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Welcome to a page which will be a work in progress for life that all Corvair builders and flyers should be a part of. On this Projects Page, we'll list all Corvairs that have ever flown and also prominent projects. Links will take you to more information from builders who have sent me updates. I encourage all of you to visit the Questionnaire Page and return it via snail mail to me, William Wynne, 5000-18 HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003, or e-mail photos of your project and performance data to me at WilliamTCA@aol.com.

Thank you.

Flying Corvairs

The first year GM introduced it, Bernie Pietenpol flew the Corvair engine, and it's been flying on all manner and type of aircraft ever since. The motor produces 100hp, so it's generally a perfect match for anything that can fly with an O-200. Building on BHP's work, and the Corvair R&D I've done in the past 12 years, these guys will tell you there's nothing like the day you fly the airplane and engine you built yourself.
  • Pietenpol NX15KV, Hans van der Voort, Texas, winner 2007 SWRFI Tony Bingelis Memorial Award for Best of Show
  • ZenVair 601XL, David Harms, Iowa, in flight testing
  • ZenVair 601HD tri-gear N998ZZ, Cleone Markwell, Illinois, in flight testing
  • ZenVair 601XL, Ben Bradner, Florida, 75+ hours
  • ZenVair 601XL N920EL, Charles Leonard, Florida, in flight testing
  • ZenVair 601XL N42KP, Rick Lindstrom, California, 60 hours
  • ZenVair 601HDS N601XT, Brandon Tucker, California
  • ZenVair 601XL N42845, Dr. Gary Ray, Michigan, 50 hours
  • ZenVair 601HD N518G, Dick Schmidt, Wisconsin, 80 hours
  • Corvair Personal Cruiser N331PC, Morgan Hunter, Florida, 80+ hours
  • Pietenpol N92GB, Gary Bell, Ohio, 60 hours
  • 601XL N601MX, Phil Maxson, New Jersey, 150+ hours
  • Wagabond N707SV, Dave Vargesko, Florida, 100+ hours
  • Cleanex NN183SX, Dan Weseman, Florida, 100 hours
  • Son Of Cleanex, Chris Smith, Florida, 60 hours
  • Super KR-2S N56ML, Mark Langford, Alabama, 500+ hours, http://home.hiwaay.net/~langford
  • KR-2S N886MJ, Mark Jones, Wisconsin, 160+ hours, http://mywebpage.netscape.com/n886mj/homepage.html
  • Pober Junior Ace N1028A, Jake Jaks, Florida, 40+ hours
  • KR-2S N357CJ, Joe Horton, Pennsylvania, 190+ hours
  • Dragonfly N818B, Les Laidlaw, Minnesota, 70+
  • Zenair 601, www.FlyCorvair.com, Florida, First Flight May 12, 2004 - With Movie
  • Visit QuickTime to download the movie player
  • Grega GN1 N492JP, John Puent, Hayfield, Minnesota
  • Pietenpol N747PF, P.F. Beck, Barnwell, S.C., 90+ Hours, First Flight March 27, 2004
  • KR2 N841SM, Steve Makish, Boca Raton, Florida, 200 Hours, With QuickTime Movie
  • Pietenpol N899H, Last Original, BHP, Minnesota, 700+ Hours, With Movie
  • "Outlaw" Sonex N2025A, Del Magsam, New Richmond, Wisconsin, 50 Hours
  • Sonerai II, Glen David, Indiana, 60+ Hours
  • Pietenpol N832VC, Vernon Courtney, Canton, Illinois, First Flight August 11, 2003
  • Pietenpol N37592, Pat Green, Jacksonville, Florida, 750+ Hours
  • Pietenpol, Last Original II, Andrew Pietenpol, Wisconsin, 200+ Hours
  • VP2 N6973, Dale Jorgensen, Algoma, Wisconsin, 130+ Hours
  • KR2, John Martindale, Australia
  • KR2 N30HH, Howard Hoops, Riverside, California
  • Pietenpol N58DK, Dave Karren, Jensen, Utah, 300 Hours
  • Pietenpol N6097, David Cleveland, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, 129 Hours
  • Pietenpol NX37979, Tom Brown, Unity, Wisconsin, 1,171+ Hours
  • Pietenpol NX16PK, Richard Franklin, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Corben Baby Ace N106X, Jack McKinney, Arizona, 8 Hours
  • Nieuport 12 N169RD, Rich Dietrich, Morrice, Michigan
  • Davis DA-2A N93B, Jim Ballew, Collinsville, Oklahoma, Almost 500 Hours
  • Pietenpol N38B, Jim Ballew, Collinsville, Oklahoma, About 150 Hours
  • Pietenpol NX8483B, Alan Swenson, Osceola, Wisconsin, 350 Hours
  • G-N-1 N2408R, Herb Townsend, Bath, New York
  • Boredom Fighter N1932F, Randall Flagg, Strong, Maine
  • Pietenpol N83788, Virl Deal, Grafton, Iowa, 1,030+ Hours
  • Pietenpol Sky Scout
  • Pietenpol N1179A, Clifford Kumm, Spring Valley, Minnesota, 250 Hours
  • Pietenpol N109TB, Dave Mensink, Preston, Minnesota
  • Stits Skycoupe SA7-D N7230K, Gary Coppen, Jacksonville, Florida, 130+ Hours

  • Historic Corvairs

    Aircraft That Have Flown With Corvair Power

    These aircraft at one time flew with Corvair power. Some still do, some we lost track of, and some are lost forever. Any kind of sustained flight is an achievement, and we salute everyone who has built and flown behind a Corvair.
  • Pietenpol N1777W, William Wynne, Florida, 850+ hours
  • Volmer N2392D, Claude Delabruere, Vermont, 95+ Hours
  • Chevy Bird, Waldo Waterman
  • J-3 Cub, Bernie Pietenpol, Minnesota
  • 1967 Benson Autogyro
  • Tinker Toy N5DT, Don Taylor, Indiana
  • Christavia Mark II, Dave Stroud, Canada
  • Pietenpol Air Camper N7533U, BHP, Minnesota
  • Vari-Viggen, Bob Conn, Florida
  • Joe Pfeifer's Sport N154JP, Darrel Jones, Sonoma, California
  • McLaughlin Sky Buggy N28367, Lyn Smeenk, South Dakota
  • Heath Parasol N838W, Irvin Rofshus, Albert Lea, Minnesota
  • KR2 N1701L, Bob Lester, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 120 Hours

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