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Oshkosh Update
August 5, 2006

Here are three photos of Grace flying in The Last Original, Bernie Pietenpol's Corvair powered Air Camper. It is owned by Bill and Sue Knight of Brodhead, Wisc. Flying with Grace is noted Corvair powered Pietenpol pilot Tom Brown. This is the eighth Corvair powered airplane in which Grace has flown.

Our first stop on any Oshkosh trip is Brodhead, Wisc., for the annual Pietenpol Gathering. If you're a fan of Pietenpols, this is the beginning of a great era. Our friends Doc and Dee Mosher are bringing back the BPA newsletter to its full glory. They are good writers, and Doc has a lifetime of flying all types of aircraft, as well as being officially recognized by the FAA as one of the foremost aircraft mechanics in the country. Known to many as an extremely friendly guy, the newsletter has never been in better hands. Additionally, writer Chet Peek has just finished a new book on Pietenpols that promises to bring many new, quality people into the fold. Several homebuilders with years of experience designing and building parts have spoken about small upgrades and technical support for new builders. In short, there's a lot of behind the scenes energy that will blossom shortly into a lot of good things for Pietenpol fans.

I gave five forums at Oshkosh this year. As usual, the popularity of the Corvair meant they were all packed. To me, the best one was Monday at 8:30 a.m. because in the back rows were Mark Jones and Mark Langford. These two Corvair/KR-2S pilots, with 400+ flight hours between them, deserve high praise for their work popularizing the combination. I can encourage and educate builders, but the example that these two set by flying into Oshkosh goes a long way toward getting people to the flightline themselves.

The theme of many of my forums this year was "The Flightline Or The Flymart: Your Airplane Will End Up At One Or Another Given Enough Time." My work is aimed at guiding as many people as possible to successfully flying their homebuilt. I go a long way to steer people away from poor advice and bad choices, which my experience teaches me will only result in your unfinished project being for sale for 10 cents on the dollar at the Flymart. These forums were received well, and we look forward to seeing more Corvair powered planes at the next airshows.

We spent the balance of our time as guests again of the Heintz family in the Zenith Aircraft booth. In the photo above, Nick and Sebastien Heintz park our airplane in the Zenith booth.

For now, we are taking a well deserved vacation in the Pacific Northwest. We're visiting family for two weeks and will be back in Florida at the end of August. We look forward to hearing from you then.

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