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Brodhead and Oshkosh 2000

Here we are on our trip from Spruce Creek, Fla., to Brodhead, Wisc., and on to Oshkosh for AirVenture 2000. William and good friend Arnold Holmes of Kansas Composites flew William's Corvair-powered Pietenpol to Brodhead for the annual Pietenpol type gathering Aug. 3-5. As many of you know, Brodhead bills itself as the antidote to Oshkosh, with a beautiful grass field and no commercial activity. The barnstormers greatly enjoyed themselves, giving about 40 people rides Waldo Pepper-style during their two-day stay. They're pictured above with, at left, free riders Mark Chrissman and Susan (their dog Clarence may take flight at the next fly-in), Arnold in the center, crew member Grace Ellen, William, and the trusty Corvair-powered Piet.

Daytona Beach EAA Chapter 288 Secretary Grace Ellen drove down to Brodhead with her Oshkosh hosts Doc (alumnus of the first Corvair College) and Dee Mosher Saturday. She flew back to Oshkosh with Arnold in the Pietenpol, giving William more time to visit with new and old friends and family. She enjoyed the ride so much, in fact, that after a few more days cavorting at Oshkosh, Grace Ellen flew back to Florida in the Pietenpol with Arnold. Three more days of pure barnstorming fun at cornstalk-tassle level. William had three hours of fun flying back with AirVenture Cup Champion Jim Rahm in his Lancair IVP.

The intrepid aviators upon their triumphant return to Spruce Creek, Florida.

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