Flying Corvairs

"My nose bowl and idea of cowling," writes Jack McKinney. "Club prop was for test stand. 50x50 gyro plane prop turns about the same as my 66x30. It will fly the plane too."

Jack McKinney, Sun Lakes, Ariz., Corben Baby Ace

Total Amount of Hours flown on Corvair Power: 8 Hours
Aircraft N-Number: N106X
Builder of Aircraft: Jack McKinney, 9430 N. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
Builder of Engine: Jack McKinney
Year Aircraft Was Built: 2002
Type of Corvair Conversion Plans: William Wynne/Self
Engine Year: Stock 95 HP heads
Engine Displacement: 164cid
Propeller: Hegy 66-30
Jack McKinney writes: "I got your Manual and prop hub drawings sometime in 96 or 97, and used the prop drawing for my engine. It was very good and does a good job. I also had the alternator mounted on the lower rt rear. I also used your idea for the starter, as it was much better than mine. I started out using a side draft motorcycle carb, but have since changed to an updraft from Revmaster, and am still working on the jetting, getting close. It is on a Baby Ace, built from M. I. drawings."

"Read the fine article you had in To Fly magazine published by SAA, my #744. That should get more interest."

"Taxi test - finished (not painted - sheet metal - nose bowl - etc.) and flew 10-10-02," McKinney wrote on the back of the above photo.


William Wynne, The Corvair Authority
5000-18 HWY 17 #247
Orange Park, FL 32003

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