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In Fall 2002, Andrew Pietenpol sold the "Last Original" Pietenpol built by his grandfather, Bernard H. Pietenpol, to a group who now keep the plane at Brodhead, Wisconsin. From left are: Bill and Sue Knight, Andrew Pietenpol, and Larry and Ilse Harmacinski. Click on the photo above to see a QuickTime Movie of Bill Knight flying the Corvair powered Last Original at dusk during the 2003 Pietenpol Gathering at Brodhead, Wisc. Visit QuickTime to download the movie player.

The Harmacinskis' and Knights' Pietenpol

First Year Flown on Corvair Power: 1972
Total Amount of Hours flown on Corvair Power: 700+ Hours
N-number: N899H, The Last Original
Builder of Aircraft: Bernard Pietenpol
Builder of Engine: Bernard Pietenpol
Year Aircraft Was Built: 1972
Type of Corvair Conversion Plans: Pietenpol with blower fan and no electric start
Engine Year: 1965
Engine Displacement: 164cid
Propeller: Wood 62" climb prop
Cruise Speed: 86mph
Cruise RPM: 2,800
Static RPM: 2,600
"This ship has 670 carefree hours on her," writes Larry Harmacinksi, Flyharm@aol.com. "Our Air Camper is 899H which was purchased from Andrew Pietenpol (grandson) late last fall. The owners are Bill and Sue Knight and Larry and Ilse Harmacinski. The ship lives in Brodhead with Ilse's 1932 original Scout, NX12941. So presently at Brodhead you can see the oldest original and the newest original!"
"899H is unrestored and still purrs like a kitty."


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