Flying Corvairs

Virl Deal, Grafton, Iowa, Pietenpol

First Year Flown on Corvair Power: 1977
Total Amount of Hours on Corvair Power as of March 2003: 1,030+
N-number: N83788
Builder of Aircraft: Virl B. Deal, 102 4th Ave., Grafton, Iowa 50440-7557
Builder of Engine: B.H. Pietenpol
Year Aircraft was Built: 1977
Type of Conversion: Pietenpol
Virl Deal (at right above, with William Wynne at Brodhead 2000) writes: "I have over 1,030 hours on my Corvair powered Piet, as built by B.H. Pietenpol. Love it."
Engine Year: 1965
Engine Displacement: 164cid
Propeller Diameter, Pitch: Wood 64x28
Cruise Speed: 75
Cruise RPM: 2,350
Static RPM: 2,500-2,800


William Wynne, The Corvair Authority
5000-18 HWY 17 #247
Orange Park, FL 32003

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