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Corvair College #8 Page 3 November 12-14, 2004

www.FlyCorvair.com Hangar, Massey Air Ranch, Edgewater, Fla.

Steve Makish, Boca Raton, Fla., has his hand on the cowling of Bob Lester's Corvair/KR. Bob, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with his hand on the turtledeck, now has about 120 hours of Corvair power on his plane. It was previously VW and then Subaru powered. Despite the fact that Bob won Best Engine Installation with his Subaru at the 2000 KR Gathering, he removed it in favor of a Corvair. In performing this change, Bob's plane lost nearly 100 pounds. His experience is an extreme example, but all the formerly Subaru powered aircraft which now have Corvair engines all lost weight in the conversion to the far simpler Corvair engine.

Here, Bob talks to Steve Glover, who flew in commercially from California. Steve's VW powered KR was the winner of two awards at the 2004 KR Gathering, and additionally was an award winner at the Copperstate Fly In. Steve came out for the College because he's in the process of removing his VW engine and replacing it with a 2,700cc Corvair. The craftsmanship on his plane is extremely high, and he is working on an ultra clean Corvair installation to match. We modified his heads with welded on aluminum intake pipes at the College. Look for Steve's airplane to be flying on Corvair power in early Spring.

Grace Ellen takes a photo of the Corvair/KR pilots from the top of a stepladder. Mark Langford also shot some very nice photos from this angle. In the distance is Dave's ColtVair/Wagabond. Dave displayed it with his carbon fiber doors and handcrafted window frames at the College.

In this photo taken by Mark Langford, Steve Makish at left now has 220 hours and Bob Lester has 120.

601 builder and pilot Cleone Markwell of Illinois flew in commercially for the College. Cleone completed his 601 several years ago, and has flown it about 300 hours on a Rotax 912. He purchased the engine displayed for sale on our Web site last month. He's going to remove his Rotax and replace it with a complete Corvair firewall forward package. Cleone described service difficulties that he'd had with the Rotax engine that led him to consider repowering with the Corvair. Since he'd never seen his new engine run, we put it up on the dyno and ran it for him. Cleone is standing behind the engine in the light blue shirt. Beside him, Steve Upson is checking the rpm with a digital, remote PropTach.

This 1966 Corsa coupe belongs to Embry-Riddle student Doug Holland. Doug is a shop regular who has proven himself to be a very energetic young man. Three weeks prior to the College, Doug's engine, which was allegedly rebuilt by the former owner, broke the top off one of its cast pistons. Kevin brought the car to the hangar, and completely overhauled the engine. Doug brought the finished product back to display it at the College.

Doug's Corsa is very rare because it is equipped with factory air conditioning, one of 300 such cars produced in 1966. Kevin rebuilt his engine using modified 88mm VW cylinders. Being a Corsa, it has 140hp cylinder heads. Kevin also installed an OT-10 cam. My own 1966 Corsa has an OT-20 in it. Doug's car has noticably sharper acceleration below 3,000rpm.

A number of builders are keeping up with our research into turbo engines. Here, Bob Lester, on the right, is studying our test turbo to find out if it could possibly be installed in his KR. My personal opinion is that a KR doesn't need it, and it would be a very tight fit. But it takes more than that to discourage Bob from strongly considering the installation.

A meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: On the left, Jack Cooper, U.S. Army Aviation Helicopter Pilot. Next to him, Mike Hyers, decorated U.S. Air Force veteran. On the right, Larry Lipe, Vietnam era U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Behind Larry is Ray Fuenzalida of Louisiana. I didn't ask Ray, but if he's ex-U.S. Navy, it'll complete the picture perfectly.

Cleone Markwell at the controls of his engine. The gentleman in the turquoise blue Corvair College #4 shirt is Steve Megill of Auburndale, Fla. Steve had recently completed his own engine and run it on our dyno. He stopped by the College on Saturday to enjoy himself with the rest of the gang. Steve has built and flown seven experimental airplanes, and his Corvair powered Pietenpol is on track to fly this winter.

KR/Corvair builder Glenda McElwee talks to KR pilot Steve Glover. Glenda owns a completed VW powered KR, but has a Corvair powered KR-2S project in the works. Although Glenda works as a nurse these days, she's from Wichita, Kansas, and has an extensive background in aircraft manufacturing. Additionally, she has an impressive array of flight ratings. She's a skilled builder and good company.

The father-son team of Doug and Keith Eatman of St. Augustine, Fla., check out Larry Hudson's Super Ace drawings. Larry intends to build a two-seat, tandem Super Ace with a Corvair powerplant as his next project. On the table is Larry's Fokker propeller, made by Ed Sterba.

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