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Corvair College #4 a Rousing Sun 'N Fun Success

The new venue of Corvair College #4 at Sun 'N Fun 2003 in Lakeland, Fla., helped Corvair Authority William Wynne and crew share the Corvair movement with the largest number of people at any event to date. We met many Corvair builders in person for the first time, spent time with old friends, answered Corvair conversion questions from 9 a.m. till well after dark daily, put together a Corvair case, helped new Contact! magazine editor Pat Panzera in his Alternative Auto Engine magazine booth, and William also gave two forums, one of which is pictured below, in his longstanding Sun 'N Fun tradition.

We camped nightly on the Sun 'N Fun grounds at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, with the one exception of spending the night with friends at their oasis away from home. The complete story is in the current Spring 2003 issue of The Corvair Flyer newsletter, mailed just after Sun 'N Fun. If you didn't subscribe at the show, as always you can send a check or money order for $20 (USD$25 for international subscriptions, including Canada) payable to William Wynne, P.O. Box 290802, Port Orange, FL 32129-0802, or use a credit card via PayPal at the Online Catalog.

In depth examination of subject at Corvair College #4

We met many builders and had a great deal of help to share a lot of information. It would be a long list if we named everybody, but we'll give a brief roundup of the highlights. Dave Vargesko of Malabar, Fla., and Merrill Isaacson of Mount Dora, Fla., both brought their engines to run daily at Corvair College. Dave built his own test stand, and Merrill used William's test stand to run the motors daily after the Sun 'N Fun forums ended (in order to let the speakers be heard). Even when not running, the engines drew a crowd and were valuable visual aids.

We answered Corvair questions non-stop 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily at Corvair College in the Engine Workshop Tent. Gus Warren, Port Orange, Fla., and Stuart Cirk and Stuart Hall, both of Lakeland, Fla., rounded out the regular crew. Stu Hall, below, left, with William Wynne, was a welcome sight throughout each day, reviving Corvair College classes with bottled water he supplies on behalf of the City of Lakeland.

Stu Hall, left, with twin William Wynne at Corvair College #4

Corvair builders Larry and Cody Hudson of Indiana brought their core motor to the event for hands on learning. They got right to work bright and early, cleaning parts.

Larry Hudson, center, and son Cody, right, take full advantage of Corvair College #4 by getting right to work on their project.

Friday was family day, with my parents Bob and Liz, and Dad's brother from New Jersey, Andy (Uncle Babe) visiting, as well as William's sister Melissa, her husband David, and their children Caroline and Matthew on vacation from Chicago. None of them work in aviation, but each separately told us they took home from Corvair College#4 at Sun 'N Fun 2003 a greater understanding of what being part of the aviation community is all about.

Family day at Corvair College #4, Sun 'N Fun 2003. From left in back, Uncle Babe, Grace Ellen, Liz, Melissa, William, David and Bob; in front, Matthew and Caroline.

Something everyone looks forward to each year is the Builders' Barbecue at Sun 'N Fun hosted by Fran and Dave Stroud of Canada. You can see Dave's Christavia at Dave Stroud's Christavia page on www.FlyCorvair.com. Each year, Dave and Fran motorhome down to Florida and set up camp at Sun 'N Fun. Dave marinates and barbecues tasty pork loin, and Fran serves the feast with a huge helping of hospitality. It's the one place we can sit down with builders from across the country (and Canada), kick back and enjoy.

Above, some of the 50+ attending the world famous Stroud Builders' Barbecue at Sun 'N Fun 2003. Later that same evening, Soob guru Chuck Condas, center, loosens up with William Wynne, left, and Clare Snyder, right, Pegzair/Corvair builder from Canada.

Manual owner #5000, Andrew Pietenpol, dropped by to meet William in person at Corvair College Friday. We'd corresponded and talked on the phone, but never met face to face. I about cried when Andrew said that his grandfather, Bernard H. Pietenpol, designer of the Pietenpol aircraft, and William were kindred spirits in creativity. "He would have adopted you," Andrew said.

Andrew Pietenpol, right, attends Corvair College #4 with William Wynne, left, and Grace Ellen at Sun 'N Fun 2003. You can learn about Andrew's plane at the Last Original II page on www.FlyCorvair.com. The last airplane Bernard H. Pietenpol built is at The Last Original page on www.FlyCorvair.com.

We thank everyone who participated in Corvair College #4. It takes a lot of people to present a successful event, and our heartfelt thanks goes out to you all. Since the new format was such a success, we've decided to return to Sun 'N Fun next year for Corvair College #5. We hope to see you all there.

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