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Corvair College #12 Part Two

November 11-13, 2008

After the dinner Saturday night, the majority of builders returned to the hangar and kept the productive flow of work going. After hours, when it's dark and the flying for the day is done, a number of builders and pilots enjoy socializing over a beer or two. The social aspect of Corvair College is part of the friendly atmosphere we treasure about the events.

Above, Anthony Hanson sits in the Skylite with Ed Fisher next to him. Ed designed the Skylite in 1991. This particular airframe won Oshkosh Grand Champion Light Plane in '91. Sitting on its motor mount is the 1/3 Corvair. This engine was developed by our friend Fletcher Burns. We now cover the marketing of it for him. Over the years, the Skylite has been a very popular airframe. Ed has sold several hundred sets of plans and more than a hundred have flown. Both Ed and I feel that the 1/3 Corvair is an excellent match with the airframe.

Above is a very special set of Corvair heads prepped for me by Mark at Falcon. They're for a 3,100, and they're based on 140 hp high performance Corvair cylinder heads. This is the same combination that we flew on our 601, now flying on Dr. Andy Elliott's 601 XL. Look closely at the intake runners near the cooling fins and you'll see the ports for mechanical fuel injectors, which we'll be testing shortly.

This is the output side of the turbocharger that we will be using on the series of turbo engines we will be building in 2009. Note that it has an integrated wastegate. This is a common feature on modern car turbos. However, almost no modern car turbo has the capability of being used in a drawthrough application, which is a highly desirable format for aircraft use. It took us a long time to find an expert on turbos who could properly fabricate a modern turbo, appropriately sized for our application, with a carbon seal. The test aircraft for this system is Woody Harris' 601 XL in California.

Ed Fisher stands beside his latest design, the Sport Fleet, a 7/8 scale Fleet biplane he created with the Corvair in mind. Ed is currently working on the wings for the project, with the goal of flying it to Brodhead 2009. Dan Weseman sits in the front cockpit to illustrate how roomy it is. Dan is over 6 feet tall, very broad shouldered and weighs in about 220. For more information on advance availability of this design, e-mail Ed at raceairdesigns@hotmail.com

Ed had this original Fleet drawing tacked up on the side of his Sport Fleet project fuselage.

Above, Ed paints Anthony's engine purple in his spraybooth. Purple and silver are the school colors of Anthony's wife's alma mater. A very nice gesture from a guy who enjoys his wife's complete support for all his aviation endeavors. The photo illustrates that we paint the cases after they're assembled and masked. Kevin and I have done many engines each way, and this by far has the best results and the least effort. This is a good view of the Dan Weseman fifth bearing installed on the case.

Above, Anthony Hanson with his purple Corvair engine. The engine features a set of Falcon heads, a Dan Weseman fifth bearing, and all our Gold Systems. The assembly of this engine provided a single focal point for builders to follow. A number of builders offered Anthony a lot of assistance with the assembly. This format has proven to work very well at recent Colleges.

On the left, Corvair/Q-200 builder Mike Quinn with ZenVair 601 builder Anthony Hanson. Mike is a guy with a tremendous amount of diverse mechanical experience and a solid aviation background. He's also a very funny guy who stayed all the way through the last hours to help Anthony make as much progress as possible on Sunday. This was our traditional last men standing photo for CC #12.

Monday after the College, Grace and I found ourselves in high spirits but low energy. We took the day to spend it with Ed and Val. One of my oldest friends in aviation, Eric Demaray, and his wife Linda, live at the same airport. Eric and I go back to 1992, when we both worked on the V-8 Lancair project. Eric edited the first 1993 versions of my Corvair Conversion Manual. He's seen here prepping his daily flyer, a very famous Lycoming 235 powered Tailwind. This aircraft was built by a neighbor of Steve Wittman's in Florida, and it was on the cover of Sport Aviation in 1993. Eric and I went up for an hour flight in the airplane. It's a stellar performer with very, very good aerodynamics. I told Eric he was the second best Tailwind driver I've ever flown with. He had a laugh because the only other Tailwind I've flown in was N37SW with Steve Wittman himself. The flight was very motivating to go home and finish our Wittman/Vair project. Based on how well Eric's plane flew on a modest 235, I believe a lightly built W-10 Tailwind flown with two 170 pound pilots would be a solid performer on a strong running 3,100 Corvair.

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