Flying Corvairs

Andrew Pietenpol, above right, attends Corvair College #4 at Sun 'N Fun 2003 with William Wynne, left, and Grace Ellen

Andrew Pietenpol, Wisconsin, Air Camper

First Year Flown on Corvair Power: 1998
Total Amount of Hours flown on Corvair Power: 200+ Hours
Aircraft Name: The Last Original II
Builder of Aircraft: Andrew Pietenpol, PIETENPOL_BHP_AND_SONS_AVIATION@YAHOO.com, www.pressenter.com/~apietenp/
Builder of Engine: Chevrolet
Year Aircraft Was Built: 1998
Type of Corvair Conversion Plans: Pietenpol, without blower fan and no electric start
Engine Year: 1965
Engine Displacement: 164cid
Propeller: Wood 62" climb prop
Cruise Speed: 86mph
Cruise RPM: 2,800
Static RPM: 2,600
"My Grandfather got me interested. Value is what keeps me coming back," writes Andrew Pietenpol, River Falls, Wisc. "Very smooth running. Much smoother than an A-65 or any 4-cylinder production aircraft engine. Much less vibration than a Model A also!"


William Wynne
"The Corvair Authority"
5000-18 HWY 17 #247
Orange Park, FL 32003 USA

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