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Corvair Motor Mount for Zenair 750 STOL and Cruiser

Above, a Zenith CH 750 and Cruiser Corvair Mount. We built the first Mount for this combination in 2008. It is a subtle variation on the 601/650 Corvair Mount. We have welded more than 100 of these 750 Mounts. They have flown on numerous 750s, and have proven to withstand the full rigors of STOL operation. They are engineered to allow the full gross weight and baggage capacity without violating the aft CG limit.

We hand build each Mount in our own shop. They are completely finished welded, available powdercoated, and are ready to mount on the airplane. They're Tig welded airtight and do not require any further internal corrosion protection. They're made of 4130 aircraft tubing, and have been tested to G limits in excess of the airframe's rating.

The 750 Motor Mount is $739. I accept payment by check or money order in U.S. dollars payable to William Wynne, 5000-18 HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003 USA, or credit cards via PayPal by clicking the first "Add to Cart" button below:

Powdercoating is an $85 option, payable by including it in your check or money order, or by clicking the second "Add to Cart" button below:

The flat rate for Express Shipping in the U.S. is $85. This is required unless the Motor Mount is to be picked up at an airshow or a Corvair College. You can pay the shipping by including it in your check or money order, or by clicking the third "Add to Cart" button below:

Please print, complete and return a Liability Statement with all orders. These are available for printing at the Liability Statement Page.

Thank you for your order. Your support makes possible further research and development on the Corvair.


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